RPMC, Inc. is a marketing and sales consulting company based in Philadelphia.

Our focus is on “human-to-human lead generation.”
We are a b2b cold calling service and event marketing company for the 21st Century. We believe people have always liked connecting with businesses via a human connection, but negativity from a previous salesmen era has created a “salesman stigma” that still lingers.
b2b cold calling service lead generation
Even though the internet has created a new marketplace, interaction with other humans is still a TIMELESS way to connect people; businesses to other businesses. However, the rules have changed a little bit! If we can adapt to 2016, we can find still a lucrative space for a b2b cold calling service that leaves the customer the happiest.
We serve those businesses looking to market in the event and trade show industry, as well as those seeking leads via telemarketing or b2b cold calling service.

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