Meet the Team

Ryan Pereus

Founder, Owner, Principal Consultant

Ryan is the founder, owner, and principal consultant of RPMC. He founded RPMC in late 2014 after spending a three year hiatus from his career life. He spent that time traveling, in grad school, and playing soccer around the nation and the world. He also spent that time reflecting on the previous 7 years of his marketing and sales career he had been so invested in prior. He begin writing about how what he had been learning in his successes was different from what the human-to-human methods of marketing and sales in the current business world had been telling him. After some self-discovery, empirical evidence, and knack for entrepreneurship, he decided to begin the process of tearing down the salesman stigma of a past era, and begin creating a new message of outbound sales and marketing for the 21st century. Starting with sales copywriting, Ryan began a journey that would lead RPMC into the start-up it is today, serving businesses via script writing, cold calling, and event marketing.

Delia Sudler

Project Manager

As the Project Manager at RPMC, Delia Sudler manages the planning and execution of our new and existing marketing campaigns, in addition to developing and carrying out business strategy related to business processes and recruiting. What makes Delia a great fit for RPMC is her unique amalgam of skill-sets and experience. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology. She has worked as a business consultant for a Fortune 50 company, focusing on business analytics, strategy and project management. Delia has also gained practical experience as an administrative assistant for a U.S. federal agency. Delia’s business knowledge and real-life experience, coupled with her interest in psychology and how humans interact, adds to RPMC’s dynamic team. Overall, Delia’s passion for people, as well as well-oiled systems aligns perfectly with RPMC’s continued mission of delivering excellence to our clients, while also focusing on the essential element of human connection. You can reach Lia at

Karol Brehany

Business Consultant

Karol Brehany is RPMC’s lead business consultant. He has 5 years of sales experience ranging from B2B to B2C customer service sales. The majority of his experience comes from automotive sales. At 19 years old he was 2nd in his Acura dealership in highest grossing sales associate on the floor. Along with his professional career, he is a entertainer at heart and was a professional actor/comedian before entering the business world. He gained the majority of his acting experience from the stage, but moved on to film. One of his greatest acting accomplishments was being apart of House Of Cards which was the very first internet web series ever created. He was born in Salem, Oregon, but has lived all over the country, spending the majority of his childhood in Sioux City, Iowa. He credits his calm, inviting demeanor to growing up in the midwest. If you ever have business opportunities please contact Karol at kbrehany@pereusmarketing.

Fred Behnke

Web, Branding, & Strategy Consultant

Fred Behnke is RPMC’s Web, Branding, and Strategy Consultant to create custom solutions for businesses looking to expand or refine their digital footprint. Fred graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and has experience in crafting brand strategy and marketing channels for startups in application software, asset management, event marketing, and manufacturing. He enjoys bridging the gap between people, capital and ideas from a global perspective by understanding demographics, trends and relevant metrics to make data-dependent marketing decisions.

Greg Kiefer

Account Manager

Greg Kiefer is a full time project consultant for RPMC. He is currently on track to earning his associate’s degrees in business administration and hopes to acquire his bachelor’s degree in accounting. Along with his education he has worked in the food and hospitality industry for the past five years serving guests and training new employees. Due to his past experience Greg is a great fit as Project Consultant because of his ability to think on his feet and solve problems quickly. You can reach Greg at

Peter Marion

Project Consultant

Peter Marion graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in business from Penn State University. Peter started with RPMC in April 2017. He brings to the team face-to-face sales and marketing experience in the tech industry.

Barry Simon

 Event Consultant

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