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Human-to-human lead generation is how we are redefining the term for telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting in the 21st Century.  

Let us reach out to your B2B prospects via our cold calling service to generate leads so you can build your business. The “RPMC Pitch” uses conversation methods that not only create appointments, but also build trust. We:

Are assertive, not aggressive
Are encouraging, not pushy
Are fierce, not harmful
Utilize “emotional attunement” to match our prospect’s energy
Sell the appointment, not the product/service

The difference with RPMC is our ability to connect humans to products and services better than those who have been trained in old school sales techniques or antiquated telemarketing methods. We have redefined and recreated the cold call service industry that was left for “dead.”

Cold calling isn’t dead as long as our humanity is alive!

We have worked in multiple B2B industries. A few examples:
*Educational Institutions
*Real Estate Agencies
*The Auto Industry
*Small Business Owners
*Property Management Companies
*Construction Companies
*Law Firms
*And More!
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We create custom packages, and require a minimum of 50 contacts in your marketing list to begin.

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